Xelerator - Into Dawn

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Tracklist / Previews: 

Original Mix/Edit
Skyrosphere Remix/Edit
Concept Art Remix

Dual Playaz Remix/Edit
Mankee Remix/Edit



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20 min Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ0niY3GqMI
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Xelerator merges the barriers between Hard Trance and House with his debut on Metrophonic Resistance and Sonic Flash (as a twin release) and opens new fields for this new genre mix and innovative sound!

Being influenced by (Hard) Trance, House and Dance music, Xelerator alias Marlon Weiss worked in his studio to create something new, which follows both the rough sound of Electro House and Complextro and the melodic approach of Trance and Dance music. The result is a mix of these genres, which sounds fresh, innovative and new - without confusing the listener in the same moment. Another influence is mirrored by the vocals. While this type of epic, mystic vocals is originated in Hardstyle music, “Into Dawn” proves that these dark, powerful vocals can be optimally embedded in other genres.

As the Original Mix unites different genres, the remix package is presented with the same quality, which is the reason for a twin release on Metrophonic Resistance and Sonic Flash. On Metrophonic Resistance, two label artists shake hands: Skyrosphere has delivered an amazing Hard Trance remix; Concept Art provide a phat Hardstyle Remix. The Sonic Flash remix release will enthrall all HandsUp / Dance fans with remixes by Dual Playaz and Mankee.




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