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"Send me an Angel" is the new EP of the highly talented artist Skyrosphere on Metrophonic Resistance. His EP in the last year has been a must-have for all fans of pure Hard Trance. The new EP can fully tie in with the previous one, as it comes with the Hard Trance smashers "Star-Rider" and "My Secret" next to the eponymous leading track "Send me an Angel"!

Skyrosphere is the alias of the producer Vincenzo Rattinger in supporting collaboration with the Metrophonic Resistance co-founder Marlon Jürs ( Accuface). For "Send me an Angel", they worked on the singing vocals with the singer and songwriter Joanna Gypser. The result is an ear-catcher and epic Hard Trance track, which is simultaneously featured on the new Future Trance Vol. 68 -- as the only Hard Trance song on this large CD-compilation. "Star-Rider" and "My Secret" complete the EP as two outstanding instrumental Hard Trance productions. Skyrosphere's loyal fanbase has already anticipated the EP since its announcement.

Finally, this EP is now released by Skyrosphere's homebase label Metrophonic Resistance in all download shops.


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