Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1

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Catalogue Number: MPR-014
Release Date: CD 17.12.2012 / Digital 18.03.2013

Preview of all mixes in a 20 min Mega Mix:


01. Skyrosphere - Dark Descent (Original Mix) - exclusive!
02. Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Vampires (Extended Edit) - exclusive!
03. Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - 45 Seconds (Original Mix) 
04. Kimura feat. Dee Dee - The Chosen (Kimura & Tube Tonic Remix) 
05. Cosmic Squad - New Life (Gainworx Remix) 
06. Cryoniqs - I Have A Dream (Original Edit) 
07. Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Fallen Angel (Gainworx Remix) - exclusive!
08. Dizmaster feat. Jessica - Shiver (Uncertainty) (Original Edit) 
09. Hardface - The Master’s Gate 
10. Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone - Motion (Original Edit) 
11. Zephyre - Divine (Original Mix) - exclusive!
12. Hardface - Be Refreshed 
13. The Collectorz - Roll Deep 
14. 44 Desert Eagle - Catch A Flatline (Dizmaster Remix) - exclusive!
15. Concept Art - The Morning After



Within 2 ½ years, Metrophonic Resistance evolved to a flagship for top-notch Hardtrance and Hardstyle. Our brandnew compilation “Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1” gathers new, unreleased tracks, exclusive remixes and the recent and current hits of the label. This release is available as very limited edition on CD only - for the label's loyal fans and passionate lovers of the harder melodic styles.

There are only a few labels in Germany, which stick to their style as Metrophonic Resistance does. With a selection of high quality releases, the label by Marlon ‘Accuface’ Jürs and Johannes Ripken has established itself in the national and international Hardtrance music genre.  

After being initiated in 2010, the Metrophonic Resistance provided a new ‘home’ to artists such as Thomas Petersen (with his project Zylone), Gainworx, Kimura, Dizmaster, Concept Art and Cryoniqs. With this compilation, Skyrosphere (former Trance-Forces) and Zephyre have now joined the label family. Additionally, the new Thomas Petersen pres. Zylone single “Vampires” has its world premiere here. Gainworx and Dizmaster added exclusive remixes of earlier Metrophonic Resistance releases, only for this compilation!

The compilation “Metrophonic Resistance Volume 1” is exclusively released as a CD collector’s item in a very limited edition. Furthermore, it will be distributed exclusively here on the Metrophonic Resistance homepage ( and on the Metrophonic Resistance Facebook Page ( ) in order to enable and reinforce the personal contact between the label and its most loyal fans.




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