Kimura feat. Christi - Tonight

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Catalogue Number: MPR-023
Release Date: 07.10.2013

Original Mix/Edit
Kimura & Tube Tonic Remix / Edit
Gainworx Remix / Edit
Sys-K Remix / Edit
Cold Rush Remix 





After his recent hit “The Chosen”, Kimura is now back with his brand new Hard Trance single called “Tonight”. Top notch vocals and an impressive remix package underscore the quality of this release.

Since 2009, the Hungarian artist Kimura has had several releases in collaboration with his companion Tube Tonic, who is involved in the scene since 2005. In winter 2012, the time was on for the first Kimura solo single release on Metrophonic Resistance called “The Chosen”, which was featured on both Future Trance and Dream Dance CD compilations. “Tonight” is an outstanding follow up on this last release. Having a great remix package including mixes by Gainworx, Cold Rush and Sys-K alongside the Kimura & Tube Tonic Mix makes this release a remarkable milestone in the career of Kimura.

The full single is now available in all download shops and streaming portals.



Original Mix:

Kimura & Tube Tonic Remix:

Gainworx Remix:

Sys-K Remix:

Cold Rush Remix:


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