Hardface - The Master's Gate E.P.

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Release Information:

Hardface – The Master’s Gate (Original Full Force Mix)
Hardface – Be Refreshed (Original Full Force Mix)
Hardface – Cosmic Poison (Original Full Force Mix)

Press text:

With his E.P. “The Master’s Gate”, Hardface presents three club anthems, which was expected by insiders of the scene for a long time.

Hardface is the harder alter ego of the internationally famous and established Trance- and Hardtrance-Doyen Accuface, who supplies the fans of the genre with club hits for almost 15 years. Hardface combines Accuface-like high-energy melodies and pumping arrangements, if the club requests the harder sounds.
The Hardface sound is already known from many Tunnel Trance Force and DJ Networx compilations. However, the fans had to wait for full length mixes for a long time. So, here we go! Hardface does not only present a single for his debut, but a full E.P.
"The Master's Gate E.P." includes three songs - pure Hardface, directly from the Bremen-based producer and DJ. The eponymous track "The Master's Gate" is supported by "Be Refreshed" and "Cosmic Poison" on this E.P., which is in DJ- and radio-promotion from now on and has already been included in the DJ-sets in the clubs and radios.
It is released since the 17th June 2010 on the new record label Metrophonic Resistance, which has been founded by Accuface himself and his label partner to supply amazing, high-quality releases to you in the future. Find more information and prelistenings of the Hardface E.P. on http://hardface.metrophonic-resistance.com!


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