Gainworx feat. Toni Fox - Like a Freefall

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Original Mix
Cueboy & Tribune Remix
Skyrosphere Remix
Gainworx Hardstyle Mix

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In autumn 2012, Gainworx's last single "45 Seconds" defended its position in the German Dance Charts Top 20 for numerous weeks and became a hit of the year within its scene. Following the motto "never change a winning team", Gainworx, singer Toni Fox, songwriter Sirko Falke and Metrophonic Resistance have collaborated once more in order to present a real follow up: "Like a Freefall". 

For the young, Swedish producer William Larsson, alias Gainworx, this is his third single release, whose signs are promising for becoming a more successful single release than „45 Seconds". As well as for "45 Seconds", Metrophonic Resistance label owner Marlon 'Accuface' Jürs was significantly involved in the production of "Like a Freefall" and put the finishing touches to the mixes by editing, mixing and mastering the release in his Sonic Art Mastering studio. The Original Edit premiered on Future Trance, the Cueboy & Tribune Remix premiered on Dream Dance and the large anticipation of the fans underscore the expectations towards this single release. 

This single does not only tie in with "45 Seconds" in terms of the participants, but also in terms of its story. Songwriter Sirko Falko is responsible for this well thought-through lyrics concept and has built his profile with references like CcK, Cansis, Stylez & Breeze or Justin Corza meets Greg Blast. Toni Fox has again delivered brilliant vocals.

Cueboy & Tribune and Skyrosphere have contributed amazing remixes to this single. Gainworx himself couldn't resist producing a phat Gainworx Hardstyle Remix to his single release on Metrophonic Resistance. 


Original Mix:
Cueboy & Tribune Remix: 
Skyrosphere Remix:
Gainworx Hardstyle Mix:


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