Gainworx - Eternity

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Original Mix
Xelerator Remix
Quickdrop Remix
Macera Remix 

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“Eternity” is the brand new Melodic Hard Trance smasher by Gainworx. After “45 Seconds” and “Like a Freefall”, this appears to be the next hit of the Metrophonic Resistance artist. The full package including Xelerator, Quickdrop and Macera Remix is more than convincing!

The Future Trance Vol. 65 and the Dream Dance Vol. 69 have already picked “Eternity” for their CD compilations. Enough praise in advance, which indicate a new hit! “Eternity” has been written and composed by the Swedisch William Larsson. The full production was again processed in close collaboration with the Metrophonic Resistance co-founder Marlon Juers, who is one of the Hard Trance pioneers and, therefore, knows how to achieve a top-notch Melodic Hard Trance sound. For the vocals, Gainworx and Metrophonic Resistance collaborated with Joanna Gypser for this time, who is known from numerous, popular tracks in the scene.

The Metrophonic Resistance release is supported by a Xelerator Remix, who is a new artist on the label and gives a promising teaser for his own upcoming single release this autumn. Two more remixes, made by Gainworx himself with his side projects, will be additionally released by the partner label Sonic Flash: His Quickdrop Remix will tie in with his current Dance Charts Top 20 hit “24 Hours Happiness”. The Macera Remix is a phat House/Electro Mix under his new alias.



Original Mix: 

Xelerator Remix:


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