Accuface - Your Destination Remaster 2014

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10 years after the tremendous success of Accuface’ “Your Destination” release, the established artist and creator of the High Energy Trance sound enthralls his fanbase with remastered versions of the original mixes and a special remix by his label’s and co-production artist Skyrosphere. The well-known Alex Megane Remix, the Speedcharge Remix and the unreleased Norman Creed Remix complete the release!

Marlon Juers, aka Accuface, has achieved a remarkable profile in his 19 year lasting career. He started off as producer, DJ and live act, including a Sony Music major label deal, and has grown being a mastering engineer, co-producer for diverse artists and label manager in addition to his artist appearance. “Your Destination” has been one of this artist’s milestones and an all-time favourite of Accuface himself, which led him to release new mixes of this song back in 2010 – as the first rework releases in his career. The release of the remastered classic versions and the special remix by Skyrosphere finally takes place on his record label Metrophonic Resistance, which he has built in collaboration with Johannes Ripken since 2010. 

“Your Destination (Remastered)” is now available in all download stores.


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