Accuface - Space is the Place (New Remastered 1998 Mixes)

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Catalogue Number: MPR-046
Release Date: 23.03.2017

Another Accuface classic remastered and including exclusive edits finally digitally available!

Space is the Place (New Remastered 1998 Original Edit)
Let there be Light (New Remastered 1998 Original Edit)
On Your Own '98 (Burning Like Fire) (New Remastered Version)
Let there be Light (New Remastered 1998 DJ Dean Remix):







Accuface continues releasing his biggest hits in remastered versions for their digital debut through his own Hard Trance label Metrophonic Resistance: the vinyl EP “Space is the Place” from 1998 is welcomed to the streaming services and download shops with a full state-of-the-art 24 bit remastered sound and with the exclusive unreleased edits of “Space is the Place” and “Let there be Light”!

What Marlon Jürs aka Accuface started in the end of the last year with releasing the Anniversary Remaster of his “On your Own” and in the beginning of this year with “My Command” unleashed a wave of gratitude, pleasure and nostalgia among his loyal fan base. Powered by this feedback and demand, Accuface keeps on dusting off and recovering his old production files for their resurrection from the analogue age. The vinyl EP “Space is the Place” had been completed by fantastic remixes of “Let there be Light” by the well-known DJ Dean and of “On Your Own”. Certainly, the new remaster edition includes these mixes as well.

With these remastered releases, Accuface puts himself into the spotlight of the contemporary revival movement, which brings back memories of the former generation of the electronic dance music scene and awareness among the young generation that this kind of music has paved the way for today’s EDM music. Additionally, these high BPM smashers present themselves as a proper counterpart to the low ‘beats per minute’ of the mainstream electronic music in 2017.

Accuface “Space is the Place (New Remastered 1998 Mixes)” is now available in all download shops and streaming services through the label Metrophonic Resistance!



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