sgrA - Sagittarius EP

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Catalogue Number: MPR-041
Release Date: 14.09.2015






Howling Nebula:
Mass Relay:

Releases like this one are an exception nowadays: sgrA's "Sagittarius EP" is pure original Hard Trance with epic melodies and the rough characteristics of its early days. The fans of the label Metrophonic Resistance may expect three Hard Trance smashers by the newcomer artist sgrA.

Metrophonic Resistance has been waving the flag for this music for more than five years and has constantly provided top-notch Hard Trance, High Energy Trance and Hardstyle with artists like Gainworx, Concept Art, Thomas Petersen, Dizmaster and the label co-founder Accuface. Besides that, the label has also often picked new talents from the scene like sgrA in this case. sgrA is the alias of the Polish artist Patryk Bielecki and another prove that Eastern Europe has numerous, talented artists to be discovered.

The EP includes three amazing Hard Trance tracks called "Sagittarius", "Howling Nebula" and "Mass Relay".


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