OUT NOW: 44 Desert Eagle - Weed on the Backseat

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“Catch a Flatline (Weed on the Backseat)” is the debut single of the Hardstyle project 44 Desert Eagle on Metrophonic Resistance, which is released including remixes by Gainworx and Trance-Forces.

44 Desert Eagle could only spread his name among the fans of the DJ Networx compilation. The Networx followers were provided with several Hardstyle tracks of this project. The time has come to give this artist another stage with this single release.

“Catch a Flatline (Weed on the Backseat)” provides what a Hardstyle release needs: Pushing melodies, hard bassdrums, and explicit lyrics! The single is released on Metrophonic Resistance today and is now available in all download shops.


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